Insurance Against Pet Theft

For many, having a pet means welcoming another member to the family. No matter if it’s a cat, dog or something more exotic, pets are exciting and fun to have in the home. However, having a pet can become stressful, especially when working to protect them from becoming lost or stolen. Unfortunately, many pets each year are victims of theft; but there are ways in which pet owners can insure both them and their pets against the shock of pet theft.

As such, pet insurance is a popular option, as many people are choosing to insure their pets against illness, medical treatment and accidents that can end up costing lots of money in vet bills.

Many different options and coverage plans are provided for pets and their owners that are affordable and can help dissuade high costs from affecting the type of treatments pets could unexpectedly need.

Research has shown that pet owners in the UK in particular are embracing pet insurance in order to ensure that their pets are adequately cared for. Experts note that the industry has boomed over in recent years, and that many believe this is due to the dedication of owners towards their pets.

However, this type of insurance reaches beyond health and can also be applied to situations where a pet is lost or has been stolen. Indeed, in situations where a pet has been stolen, it’s no doubt that owners will be shocked.

Insurance against pet theft means that owners won’t have to worry about the costs associated with searching for a lost or stolen pet. Many coverage plans ensure that advertising fees and offered rewards are standard and that pet owners won’t have to bear the brunt of that cost.

Unfortunately, recent studies have found that pet theft has increased and now surpasses iPod and phone thefts in number. In some cases, pet insurance will provide money to cover the cost of your animal if it is never recovered.

There are also further precautions you can take, which include making sure your pet wears a collar and identity tag bearing your contact details, and also keeping all relevant documents in a secure, safe place in the event that you are required to facilitate identification if your pet is recovered.

Of course, there is much to take into consideration before choosing to purchase pet insurance. But, it pays to understand what options you have available in the event that your pet does become a victim of theft.